Big Booms Make Big Bucks

Our biggest fundraisers of the year

Twice a year, the Lions Club comes together to volunteer for hundreds of hours to run our annual fireworks sales. These sales are our biggest fundraisers, and support many of our important community projects.

A lot of planning and time goes into operating our fireworks sales; from ordering inventory, setting up the firework stands, stocking the inventory and staffing the locations with volunteers. It’s a labor of love! Lifting heavy boxes and standing for long hours are all part of the job, and the Toledo Lions understand how greatly these efforts positively impact our community.

Stand locations

The Lions Club has a fireworks stand at Toledo Market Fresh for both the Independence and New Years Eve celebrations. A stand is also located at GeeCee’s for the Independence Day celebration.

Fundraising for the community

The Toledo Lions Club raises tens of thousands of dollars a year for our community through our many fundraising activities including:

  • Seasonal firewood sales
  • Fireworks sales on the Independence and New Year’s holidays
  • Auctions and raffles 
  • The kids fishing derby 
  • Additional summer events surrounding Cheese Days

Benefits to the community

Community projects include:

Keep an eye out on this page for future sales. Our locations, days and hours will be posted here.

Upcoming Events

Family buying fireworks
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