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  • Cheese Days is Coming! Where’s the Cheese?

    Cheese Days is Coming! Where’s the Cheese?

    Cheese production was so important to Toledo’s culture 100 years ago that we had a semi-pro baseball team named the Toledo Cheesemakers. The Cheese Days tradition outlasted our cheese factory, causing many today to wonder “where’s the cheese?” It all began in 1919, with the opening of the Cowlitz Valley Cheese Association’s new factory on…

  • New Website!

    New Website!

    As a new year begins, the Toledo Lions Club decided it was time to modernize our website. The primary goals of this redesign were to improve usability on mobile devices, make it easier to find information on our website, and better promote our programs and initiatives. DigitalOcean, a cloud hosting company, generously donated a $250/year…

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